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Being only 10 miles from the Royal Burgh of Wick means there is an abundance of opportunities for our guests to explore and delight themselves with what our county has to offer. 

Wick has a variety of transport links, getting you to Western Counties with lands and scenery to leave you in awe, the Isles of Orkney and Shetland giving you a once in a lifetime trip across the North Sea on a ferry or a local boat tour of the coast. Wick offers a choice of Restaurants from De’Vitas Italian, Bord de Leau French Restaurant, Indian, Chinese and chip shop Takeaways and local Café’s with a great choice of fresh bakery every day.

Travelling only 6 miles in another direction takes you to an unmissable John O’Groats the UK’s most northerly point.

At John O’Groats you can see the most spectacular sights of the Isles of Orkney what seems just a stone’s throw away floating in the beauty of the vast depth of the North Sea.  Here you can relax and enjoy the views from the local Costa Coffee Shop and Tearoom newly built and also a selection of shops to buy all your souvenirs and enjoy your day out at John O’Groats.

22 miles takes you to a town called Thurso providing a selection of great visits for Guests.  From Bars and Bistros, Cinema and Caithness Horizons with an intriguing and catching display of history around the county, beautiful coastal beach finishing at the harbour end which is the home to the annual O’Neill World Surfing Competition. 

Thurso have a fabulous factual informative display about Dounreay the local Nuclear plant being decommissioned and its fantastic journey over the years and years to come.

Just a short bus ride or walk from Thurso is Scrabster which is home to ferry rides to Orkney and Shetland and renowned Harbour for fishing and Trade links with spectacular Restaurants with Harbour views.




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